Jesuit Parish Ministry

Jesuits in the United States are known more for their work in education than in parishes. However, worldwide 21% of active Jesuits labor for the Kingdom of God in the parish context. The parish is the first place where a person meets the believing Christian community. It is the place of baptism and confirmation into the Catholic faith. It is where a person hears the Word of God and celebrates the Eucharist. It is the place of reconciliation, worship, weddings, and funerals. The parish is the place where a person meets the Church and recognizes the whole Christian community. It is the place to receive all the sacraments, learn Christian service, and grow in prayer and spiritual maturity.

Throughout the United States, Jesuit priests and brothers work with deacons, religious women, and laity in more than seventy parishes. These churches are located in inner city neighborhoods, business districts, academic centers, suburbs, rural areas, and Native American reservations. Other Jesuits serve full-time in diocesan parishes or as chaplains in hospitals and the armed services.

A Jesuit Parish in the Oregon Province

The Oregon Province will choose and promote works which are:

Collaborative: All of our works will include collaborative dimensions: among Jesuits in the same work, with other Jesuit works, with the laity, and with the local and the larger Church.

Formative of an Apostolic Laity: All of our works will contribute to the formation of an apostolic laity by evoking, educating, affirming, and supporting the ministerial gifts of all the people of God and, especially today, by enabling women to use their gifts for ministry in the Church.

Involving Solidarity with the Poor: All of our works will demonstrate a special place given to the service of the poor and oppressed. Each Jesuit work, as much as possible, will encourage and enable members of the apostolic work to be directly involved with the poor in their situation of poverty. Such involvement will form a necessary experiential base for theological reflection and for work to change unjust social structures.

Evangelizing: All of our works will engage in the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus which includes the following three areas: 1) proclaiming the Gospel to those who have not yet heard it in this most unchurched geographical area; 2) providing a Gospel critique of our culture; and 3) promoting our traditional missionary evangelization to which John Paul II called us and which is so integral to the history and identity of the Oregon Province.

Intellectual/Spiritual: All of our works will be characterized by our Jesuit tradition of intellectual rigor and spiritual discernment and will foster these habits in those with whom we work.

In a world and Church that are constantly and rapidly changing, it is not enough to establish these five criteria for ministries in the Oregon Province. Each work will have to constantly evaluate itself in light of these characteristics, through a continued process of theological reflection and discernment.

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