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The Pastoral Council

The purpose of the Pastoral Council is to be both a consultant to the pastor and his staff in their ministry, and a voice of discernment, focus, and direction for the parish at large. The Pastoral Council assumes the responsibility for assuring the implementation of the Five Year Plan. The council listens to the Holy Spirit speaking through our parish by various forms of communication, including reports from commissions, program evaluations, staff presentations, and individual concerns brought forward. Terms for the Pastoral Council members are staggered three-year terms. Pastoral Council members are selected by a parish vote and/or appointment by the pastor.

Parishioners serving for the coming year are:

Eugena Buena-Douglas
John Clemens
Jim De Foe
Laurie Dooley
J. L. Drouhard
Fred Hamel
Terry Healy
Colleen Mulligan
Dana Myers
Kathleen OíConnor
Sherry Schultz
Jacquie Armstrong, Chair
Anne Tropeano, Pastoral Associate
Fr. Steve Lantry, S.J. Pastor

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