The Faith Formation Commission

The St. Leo community seeks ways to deepen our Christian faith through a variety of formation ministries. We embrace our Roman Catholic identity in this Jesuit parish following in the footsteps of St. Ignatius. We understand faith formation is a life-long journey which nourishes our Spirit in community. As a Eucharistic, Servant, and Pastoral community, we invite, reach out, and look inward as we deepen our faith experiences. Through faith formation experiences we seek to become disciples and authentic witnesses to the message of Jesus Christ within ourselves, in our families, and in our varied communities.

What are the deepest values that inform our ministries? The Faith Formation Commission listens for those values that most fully guide formation experiences. Core values that have emerged include:

  • the experience of trust and relationship in community
  • encountering mystery and sacredness
  • engaging our story-telling, retelling and interpreting the word of God
  • celebrating our Catholic tradition in sacrament, liturgy, and prayer
  • living faith with a preferential option for the poor
  • the practice of discernment-listening deeply for the will of God

Our hope is that as you experience the faith formation ministries either as minister or seeker, adult or child, you will feel engaged, inspired, and sense yourself as part of the whole in this community. Please contact staff liaison Joe Hastings at 253.272.5136 ext. 110 or with any questions or to learn how to become a part of the commission!

Faith Formation Ministries

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