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Celebrating 20 years of Noah's Pet Project

Noahs Pet Project was started over 20 years ago as community outreach program of St Leo Parish, to provide medical care for the pets of low-income families in Tacoma. With many friends and community members, this clinic has been such a blessing to so many, myself included. As of this year we are having location and staffing difficulties, and the board of NPP has decided to close our operations for the time being. We are looking at a new vision of how to serve those in need  with the help of our friends at the Puget Sound Pet Food Bank. 

Last fall I was privileged to go on a pilgrimage, a camino, with fellow parishioner Kathy Sdao. We walked the Way of St Francis, and we shared many adventures, many trials, and many blessings. The lessons of that journey stay with me. Noah's Pet Project has been on a journey. We have received many gifts, we have gone hungry, we have been homeless, and we have been given a place to rest our heads. After 20 years I am profoundly moved by and grateful to all those who have helped us.

This part of the camino is hard. I think there must have been a place on the way to Assisi like this; not a village for miles, not another person in sight! But we trust in the Way, for we are pilgrims, and we know the camino provides. We are never truly alone. And as Fr. Steve Lantry's favorite poet Rumi states - “As you start to walk on the way, the way appears.”

Thank you all again, and buen camino.

 Liane Sperlich