The Multicultural Task Force begins its work

As many of you know, the 5 Year Plan mandated the development a “multicultural task force” to help the parish discern how to best honor the diversity within our parish. The Lord clearly calls us to solidarity, and this discernment is best understood as a deepening of the charism of radical inclusivity that St. Leo has been living out for many years. The primary work of this team is to facilitate: to open the space to pray, reflect and share on the gospel call to solidarity and what that looks like in terms of honoring various cultures in the here and now within our parish.    


We are pleased to announce the following members of this working group:

Anne Gallup
Tony Gomez
Barb Gorzinksi

Ariana Haidari
Barbara Henderson
Mike Hoag
Emily Ignacio
Donna Lavallie
John Nourse
Tricia Ramos
Joe Hastings (staff)
Fr. Alan Yost, SJ (staff)
Anne Tropeano (staff)

A sincere thank you to those who have said yes to this exciting work!


Matt holland