First Sunday of the Month invitation to the Spirit


We will light a candle at Mass on the first Sunday of the month to invite the Spirit to guide our communal discernment. As a symbol of our striving to a deeper commitment to diversity, the community chose the symbol of the Parol, a star-shaped latern displayed in homes in the Philippines, to be paired with the candle. The Parol is meant to serve as the guiding light and sign for Mary and Joseph and more importantly, Jesus, to come into the home, as the family is ready for them. The Parol represents the star of Bethlehem that guided the magi to the place where Jesus was born. The presence of the star reminds us that Jesus is Emmanuel--God with us. The prayer we will pray is below. 

God of Life,

We light this candle inviting your Holy Spirit
to reveal your ways among us,
in the life of our parish and our neighborhood,
in our city and our church.
As members of the body of Christ your Son,
we are called to solidarity with all people.

May your Spirit guide our prayer and our discussions
over these next few months.
Ask us deeper questions, show us new dreams;
help us to be true companions
as we discover a new frontier of loving.

Give us hearts like yours:
Make us brave and kind and inventive.
Above all give us the grace we need
To follow the star of your love to
The fullness of life.

We ask this through Christ our Lord.

Matt holland