Call for recordings: The voice of the people

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Part of the work of the John 17 Discernment Project is to help the community discover and reflect upon how we can as a community best honor the diversity within our parish. In pursuit of this discovery, the team has chosen to collect audio recordings of parishioners in the spirit of NPR's StoryCorps. they decided on this method because they wanted to empower people to have a voice--and rather the team paraphrasing what they hear, it would be more compelling to hear a person tell their own story in their own voice. 

So, we invite you to send us a recording! Here's some questions for you to pray with and use to guide your sharing:  

What does solidarity mean to you?  

How have you experienced solidarity at St. Leo? 

What would deepen your sense of solidarity? Is there anything in the worship or social action of the community that you would like to see that you don't see now?

What is multiculturalism to you?

How do you experience multiculturalism at St. Leo?

Do you have desires for how to express and celebrate multiculturalism as a community of faith?

We welcome your reflections! Contact Anne Tropeano, Pastoral Associate, with questions or for more information. 

Matt holland