More on the Pentecost Unity Liturgy


The Pentecost Unity Liturgy and Celebration is upon us! The JN17:DP has worked with Anna De Foe to plan a multilingual celebration. The group is responding to the feedback from the 5 year planning process, which asked St. Leo:

  • To make multiculturalism a priority;
  • To more openly and intentionally welcome expressions of culture in the liturgy and parish life;
  • To give parishioners a chance to more actively share their culture and language; and
  • To create a space for people who haven't had the opportunity to participate in the Mass the chance to do so. 

The liturgy will feature diverse music and languages, and also have a central ritual where people from different backgrounds will bring up a gift of their choosing and lay it at the foot of the altar--an item that symbolizes their faith. For example, one woman will bring up a crucifix given to her at her husband's funeral 20 years ago. The item lives on her night stand and she explains that "the best gift I have ever received is Christ's death on the cross for me."

You will have the opportunity to offer your feedback after the Mass, as well as to enjoy food from different cultures. Let us rejoice in the coming of the Spirit, for she will always surprise and thrill us with her startling creativity and infinite grace.

Matt holland