MASS Times

Saturday | 5 pm
Sunday | 8:00 am and 10:30 am
Sunday | 1:30 pm | Native American Mass

Weekdays | 12:10 pm
Monday & WednesdayCommunion Service
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

Reconciliation | Saturday | 3 pm

* Summer Mass schedule begins June 9/10 and ends September 8/9


Anna De Foe
Pastoral Assistant for Liturgy & Music
253.272.5136 ext. 112



Liturgical Ministers Schedule September-November 2019

Prayer shared by Anna De Foe during her Homily

Prayer of an Unknown Abbess


Liturgical Ministries


Acolytes take responsibility for preparing the altar and sacred vessels for the liturgy, and assisting the presider during the liturgy. They know the order of the liturgy thoroughly, can anticipate each moment and need, and can meet these with grace and reverence. They are prepared for the expected AND the unexpected and are sensitive to the way in which they can influence the atmosphere of prayer by their presence. They arrive early and stay late, making sure that everything and everyone needed for the celebration of liturgy is ready.


We are blessed at St. Leo to have a team of certified ASL interpreters for scheduled times at the Sunday 10:30 mass, enabling our deaf community to actively participate in our liturgies.  A monthly schedule is available upon request.

Bread Bakers

Bread Bakers bake the Eucharistic bread for use at Mass. As stated in the General Instruction of the Roman Missal, “The meaning of the sign demands that the material for the Eucharistic celebration truly have the appearance of food.”  By using bread lovingly prepared by the community, the labor of the faithful is indwelling in the bread, as well as the celebration. 

Church Decorators

Church decorators help prepare the church environment for Christmas Eve, the Easter Vigil, and other special times. This ministry is for those who enjoy working to prepare a sacred space for liturgy using the myriad symbols at our disposal: flowers, banners, candles, plants, boughs, wreaths, trees, etc. We need people who might not see themselves as particularly creative but love to take directions and help implement others’ ideas: people who are movers and ladder climbers, among others. It requires a block of time on the Sunday afternoon preceding Christmas and from about 6 PM to 9 PM on Good Friday and 10 AM to noon on Holy Saturday. It may require occasional other times for other special events.


The Environment and Art Team help fashion a place to pray together by creating an environment that is hospitable, welcoming, clean, human, honest, and beautiful. This is all done in a way which points beyond to the awe and wonder that foster our prayer. These are the artists and artisans in the parish who know not only what is beautiful, but what is capable of serving this community’s prayer. They meet monthly and as needed to prepare the space.

Eucharistic Ministers

Eucharistic ministers have the sacred task of ministering Christ’s body and blood to the Body of Christ, the Church. They name for each of us the gifts we have offered and the gifts we receive: “The Body of Christ. The Blood of Christ.” They are privileged to serve all who approach the table with reverence as they would their closest friend.


Lectors proclaim the readings from scripture and announce the intentions of the General Intercessions. This ministry is for those who take a special delight in the Word of God and for whom scripture is a regular part of their prayer life. It also requires a strong presence and voice to be able to proclaim the Word of God with conviction and authenticity in a large room full of people. The ministry of lector is open to adults and youth who have been confirmed. Lectors must attend training. 


Sacristans are the “homemakers” of the parish, of the house of the church. Members of the team keep the various sacristies clean and organized, make sure needed supplies are available, and help prepare the church for the various liturgies including weekends, weekdays, and funerals.


Ushers/ministers of hospitality greet God’s people as they assemble for prayer.  Theirs is the Lord’s face and voice for those who enter and leave each liturgy. In addition to their role of welcoming members and visitors alike, they help seat the assembly, hand out orders of service and assist with any special needs before and during Mass.  During the liturgy they take up the offering and facilitate the communion procession.  At the end of Mass they hand out bulletins and stay after the liturgy to tidy up.

Lay Presiders

In the absence of a priest and at the discretion of the pastor, a lay person may preside at a weekday communion service. These lay ministers are fully initiated, practicing Catholics and leaders in the assembly. They participate in training and have dispositions of prayer and service to the community.