St. Leo is a Jesuit parish, a Catholic community centered in the Eucharist, enriched by diversity, committed to Gospel values, and continually seeking to be Christ’s servant presence in the world.

our spirit

St. Leo practices a radical hospitality rooted in Ignatian spirituality and enriched by a Catholic Worker charism. We seek to be poor with the poor, and it is through the communal prayer of the people that we stay inspired and undeterred in our commitment to work with God in the transformation of injustice. We try to remain humble in the light of the Spirit so that she may lead us to whatever our next frontier of service may be—learning over and over again what it means that all are not only welcome but belong at the table.


St. Leo Parish is an intentional community that values:

  • Respect for diversity by welcoming the gifts of all
  • Vibrant liturgies reflecting the Spirit working through the people
  • Lived commitment to peace, justice, service and non-violence
  • Lifelong faith formation
  • Ignatian Spirituality, especially seeking to find God in all things
  • Recognition and acceptance of the brokenness in ourselves and others
  • Stewardship of Creation


In 2016 the parish went through an in-depth five year planning process. The goals of the five year plan are:

  1. St. Leo will restore a strong organizational structure which empowers the community to share in the decisions of how we proceed in living out our shared mission statement.
  2. St. Leo will deepen our understanding of stewardship as a way of life.
  3. St. Leo will continue to assess, promote and offer adult and youth formation opportunities.
  4. St. Leo will honor the diversity of all community members.
  5. St. Leo will provide for a safe and secure campus for all staff, parishioners and guests.

To learn more, look at the presentation to the parish on the 5 Year Plan or read the 5 Year Plan document.