Multicultural Task Force takes the name John 17 Discernment Project


As the team of people gathered to pray and reflect and discuss their work, they chose a name they felt was better suited to the work they are embarking on together: John 17 Discernment Project. Jesus prays to God in this discourse that his followers may become "perfectly one" (Jn 17:23), not just for ourselves and the harmony we would experience in that oneness, but so that "the world may know" that God sent Jesus, that Jesus has loved us as God has loved Jesus. In other words, when we live out this oneness, we become the sign and symbol of God's love in the world. God incarnates in the flesh--in our flesh--and thereby communicates to all of humanity in a vivid and material way the desires for wholeness and well-being that God dreams for the world. By grounding this discernment work so overtly in scripture, we are reminded of this call to oneness as we inquire into the dynamics of culture and ethnicity in our community. 

Matt holland