You're invited to the Pentecost Unity Liturgy

pentecost hat.jpg

In celebration of the gifts of diversity at St. Leo, the JN17:DP is sponsoring a Pentecost Unity Liturgy. This liturgy will celebrate the way God's Spirit expresses itself through different peoples, languages and cultures. The Spirit persistently knits us into one body through the liturgy, disposing us ever more fully to receive the grace of a loving God who desires us not to be the same, but rather to treasure the infinite array of creativity and brilliance that radiates throughout the human family. 

The Pentecost Unity Liturgy and Celebration came out of a deep desire of the JN17:DP to respond to the feedback from the 5 year planning process to make multiculturalism a priority, to more openly and intentionally welcome expressions of culture in the liturgy and parish life, to give parishioners a chance to more actively share their culture and language, and to create a space for people who haven't had the opportunity to participate in the Mass the chance to do so. 

The 1030 AM liturgy will be followed by a huge celebration, co-sponsored by the Family Social Events Committee and the JN17:DP. You will be invited to participate in a multicultural potluck by bringing a dish from your own cultural heritage. There will also be a smaller celebration after the 5 pm Mass including a range of ethnic foods to enjoy. The JN17:DP will also be present and interested in receiving your reflections on the experience of the Unity Mass.  

Please note: Because these liturgies involve a great deal of planning, the JN17:DP agreed that they could only take on two Masses if they were to be done well. They decided with staff support to have Unity Masses at 5 pm and 10:30 pm only (there will be no 8am Mass--similar to Palm Sunday). To the 8 AM Mass community: we know this impacts you and we greatly appreciate your understanding!  

More information will be forthcoming!

Matt holland