St. Leo to create its own paschal candle

As the afterglow of Pentecost Sunday still lingers, it is a good time to share with the parish family an idea that Rick presented to members of the Liturgical Commission just a few weeks ago. Rick presented the idea that as a sign of unity with each other and with all of God’s Creation that the St. Leo Community undertake the ancient craft of creating our own Easter Vigil Candle.

This would be a large undertaking that would involve research, planning, designing and probably a few attempts to eventually create such a candle for our Easter Vigil. Rick envisions this process taking at least 2 years in hopes of having the candle complete for Easter Vigil of 2020!

This undertaking would not only be the research, planning and process of making a candle, but that it would be a prayerful/liturgical process from start to finish. Moreover, this Vigil Candle would reflect the diversity and character that makes the St. Leo Parish family so unique and blessed. This Vigil Candle would be made with the beeswax of our own honey bees, designed to reflect this unified parish, poured and sculpted by own hands. It would be presented that Easter Night in the year 2020 to all of us as a symbol of our Catholic faith.

If you are interested, please contact Rick Samyn or contact any person on the Liturgy Commission.

Matt holland