A Pastor Transition is the Sacred Work of the Community


Thank you to all for participating in the season of farewell for Fr. Steve Lantry. Many hands worked hard to make these events a success. We give great gratitude to the Spirit for knitting us together as one body, thankful for the ministry and life of our pastor. 

Now that we have said goodbye, we enter into a time of waiting. The time between pastors is a holy time of reconnecting to the presiding Spirit that faithfully moves in and through our community. It faithfully animates and guides us, regardless of who is pastor. The in-between is a time to be pastoral to oneself and to one another; to reflect on what has been; to cultivate hope for the future. It is a time to cultivate a joyful anticipation of what the Lord will bring in the next chapter of our life together as a community.

This sacred work of being in and praying for the transition requires a deep grounding in the Spirit. As you go forth in the coming weeks, consider the following: 

  • Take some additional time for prayer and reflection. What makes St. Leo, St. Leo? What do you love about St. Leo? What about St. Leo is important to hang onto and nurture? Is there anything to let go as we ready for a new chapter?  Pray for whatever graces you believe the community needs during this time of transition.
  • Pray for the new Pastor and interim Pastoral Associate, that they enjoy these weeks of preparation, that they feel rested and renewed, that they have whatever graces they need to embrace their new roles in our community. Get ready to welcome our new staff members in August! 
  • Take time to show a little extra pastoral care to your neighbor. Greet people at Mass who might not normally notice. Stay after Mass and enjoy hospitality! What makes a community is it's people, so take an extra minute to enjoy conversation with one another and give thanks for the many ways God continues to bless St. Leo!
Matt holland