Stewardship Fair 2018

Please pick up a stewardship pledge card beginning the weekend of September 15th and 16th and join us for our Stewardship Fair after the Masses on the 22nd and 23rd in Bichsel Hall. Pray and discern about how your gifts and treasures might best serve the community. Then bring your pledge cards back to the church for the blessing of the gifts at the weekend Masses September 29th and 30th.

Our stewardship is a clear witness to our mission of being centered in the Eucharist, an act of “Thanks.” And our participation in the Eucharist is an act of gratitude for the abundance that our creator God constantly pours out upon our world. The Eucharist invites us to go beyond ourselves, to get over ourselves and to be more generous than we thought we could be, sharing in the mutual giving and receiving of God’s divine life.

Matt hollandSt. Leo Church