We offer three options for listening to the homilies: 




Think of podcasting like a subscription to a newspaper. All you need to do is "subscribe" to a podcast (also referred to as a "newsfeed" or RSS) and you'll receive updated content (in this case, our weekly homily) automatically. Contrary to popular belief, you don't need an iPod to subscribe to podcasts. All you need is a computer, some podcast software and an internet connection. Here's how to do it:

Step 1: Install iTunes

Even though iTunes is a music program, it's also designed to receive podcasts. The latest version of iTunes is available directly from Apple's website. iTunes is free and is available for both PC and Mac.

Step 2: Subscribe

Next you must subscribe to our podcast. All you have to do is click one of the available podcast links (listed to the left) and iTunes will launch and go directly to our podcast profile. You'll see our podcast preview image as well as a listing of the recent homilies. You can also download an individual message from here. Click the "subscribe" button to subscribe to the podcast.

Step 3: Download

As soon as you've successfully subscribed, the latest message will automatically begin downloading and you will see the previous messages listed (but greyed out). You'll need to allow some time for the file to download because the file size will be can be large depending on the homily's length. After the download is finished, you may begin listening to the message. If you'd like to listen to earlier homilies, simply hit the "get" button next to their name.

Don't like iTunes?

If you'd prefer not to use iTunes, you’ll still need to download podcast software that can read and interpret an RSS feed. The software is sometimes called a “Podcatcher." There are many free options for both Mac and PC. Check out this list and pick one that works for you.