Rick Samyn
Pastoral Assistant for Justice Initiatives
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social justice


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St. Leo Emergency Services

Emergency Services provides support from basic services for the homeless to homelessness prevention with a focus on employment search, employment retention and stable housing.

We assist people without housing and/or work, individuals on work release from the Department of Corrections, and underemployed people who are prepared to engage in employment readiness programming, employment search and full employment.

The Emergency Services program identifies and helps eliminate barriers to training, employment, and employment retention. We coordinate services with other providers to maximize effectiveness and focus on problem-solving.


We continually seek donations of toiletry/personal hygiene items such as:

  • socks

  • underwear for men and women

  • deodorant

  • soap

  • tampons and pads

  • toothpaste

  • toothbrushes

Volunteer Opportunities

Front Desk Receptionist:

  • Assist with directing church business to appropriate staff

  • Manage phone messages

  • Help clients with direct service assistance or securing referral information

Emergency Service Sponsor/Organizer:

  • Organize in-kind donations including toiletries, socks, underwear, warm blankets, and caps/gloves/coats for inclement weather

  • Notify staff when stocks are low

  • Be a friendly face for staff and clients to enjoy