Tacoma Kateri Circle

Tacoma Kateri Circle is a group whose purpose is to provide a safe and welcoming environment for Native Americans to practice and promote Native American spirituality and Saint Kateri Tekakwitha within the Catholic Church.

The Kateri Circle is an intertribal group with members from over a dozen Native American tribes located throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. They conduct and participate in a variety of community activities, including the annual Kateri Feast Day Mass each July, healing masses, and traditional giveaways. The group also holds barbecues and provides Thanksgiving dinners for the local Tahoma Indian Center.



Learn more at katericircle.com.

Native American Mass


Kateri Mass will start meeting the 4th Sunday of every month, starting in October 2023


Kateri Mass on: 10/22/2023 at 1:30 PM

Contact Us

Eugena Buena-Douglas, Kateri Circle, Chair

Email: proverb35_6@yahoo.com