Stewardship is a way of life. The mission of the St. Leo Stewardship is to foster a spirit of recognition that all gifts come from God and we are called as individuals and as a community to return those gifts to God by bestowing them on those around us. Prayerful, courageous and joyful stewardship is fundamental to all parish life.
This model includes areas of hospitality, lay ministry, and giving (Time, Talent, and Treasure).
Stewardship isn’t just about how much money we give or how we volunteer in ministry to support our parish. It is about the sacrificial way we live our lives. It is about letting go and embracing generosity. Part of our generosity should extend to the our church.

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Commission Chair

Kathleen Dommer

Pastoral Council Liaison

Melissa Monroe

Stewardship Commission

Stewardship is committed to being a working commission here at St. Leo’s. Throughout the year they host two welcoming potlucks in honor of new parishioners in the fall and spring. The commission members contact newly registered households welcoming them to St Leo and help them discover their talents and guide them into areas of ministry that might interest them. They also help foster a spirit of stewardship and ministry by hosting a Parish Ministry Fair each year to aid parishioners in determining where their gifts can be expressed in parish ministries.
Directly work with the Social Justice Commission on promoting Fair Trade and providing information regarding Fair Trade to the Parish Family.

Work to identify various vendors and organizations to be involved in our November Fair Trade month efforts.

Parishioners are invited to inquire about participating on the Stewardship commission. You must be a parishioner for at least one year. The commitment is three years with an option to renew one’s term.  If you would like to find out more about participating in this vital commission, please contact the staff person associated with the commission of interest or the Chair of the commission.