Faith Formation for Children

St. Leo’s currently offers children’s formation beginning in first grade. Children’s formation is offered through fifth grade and offers a perspective designed to help children learn about the catholic faith and tradition as well as to grow deeper in their own faith and spirituality.
Classes for children’s formation begin in the fall and conclude in late spring.

Contact: Adriana Julian

Contact Us

Para obtener más información EN ESPAÑOL sobre cualquiera de los programas enumerados a continuación, favor de llamar a

Fr. Elias Puentes, SJ al teléfono 253.272.5136 ext. 114.

First Reconciliation & First Communion

Communion typically takes place in 2nd grade and preparation begins in the fall for the sacrament to take place in the spring. Communion prep is a one-year process and also includes preparation for first Reconciliation. Children who are older than 2nd grade and have not received first communion may register for their appropriate age group to prepare for this sacrament.

Contact: Adriana Julian

First Communion Families

Please look at the attached 1st homework assignment for all youth completing their first communion.


Families, your children will need your help with this one! This assignment is designed for youth and families to explore a favorite saint.


Don’t forget to email your Mrs. Paez (1st Communion Lead Teacher) with the Saint you want to learn more about.


If you have questions, you can reach Ms. Paez at


Por favor, mire la 1ª tarea adjunta para todos los jóvenes que completen su primera comunión.
¡Familias, sus hijos necesitarán su ayuda con este! Esta asignación está diseñada para que los jóvenes y las familias exploren a un santo favorito. No olvide enviar un correo electrónico a su Sra. Páez (Maestra Principal de la 1ª Comunión) con el Santo sobre el que desea obtener más información.


Si tiene preguntas, puede comunicarse con la Sra. Páez en

Sacramental Preparation / Baptism



Baptism is the sacrament which bestows full membership in the Christian community and the Catholic Church. The waters of Baptism reflect the outpouring of the Spirit which cleanses us from all that keeps us from God and brings us into the new life of Christ and the community of the faithful. As we celebrate the sacrament of baptism, the Christian community comes together to embrace the newly baptized by committing themselves to supporting our newest members with love and by committing themselves to be faithful companions to the baptized throughout their lives.

Infant Baptism: At various times throughout the year, we celebrate with families the baptism of their infants into the believing community.


For Baptism of an infant or child under the age of 7:

Contact our Baptism Coordinator: Adriana Julian


Phone Number: 253-272-5136, Ext.106


  • Submit the required documents which she will explain.
  • Attend a Sunday retreat with godparents.
  • Celebrate the sacrament of baptism for infants typically on one of two Sundays or three Saturdays throughout the year.

If your child is over 7 years old:

Contact: Adriana Julian


Phone Number: 253-272-5136 Ext. 106

Volunteers: We need parishioners who feel great compassion for families of young children who strive to exhibit Christian parenting. Baptism team members serve on retreat days and baptism weekends. The minimum time commitment is two weekends a year. We are also looking for people who speak Spanish or English or both.