Bichsel Hall Venue Rental

William Bichsel Hall is a property of St Leo Parish in Tacoma, Washington. Our social hall is available for use by the following types of groups in the following priority:
  1. Liturgical/Sacramental use
  2. Religious Education
  3. Development & Parish Business Functions
  4. Parish-Related Groups & Families
  5. Non-Parish & Non-Profit Groups
    * 1 & 1A – Parish groups or visiting parish groups. (use agreement required)
    * 2- Individual Parishioner – registered/participating member (use agreement/ insurance required)
    * 3 & 3A – Groups associated with the parish and non-profit (501c-3) organizations such as Girl/Boy Scouts, United Way, school districts and government entities. (use agreement/ insurance required)


This facility can accommodate 225 persons at a seated meal event and 300 persons at a seated lecture. There is a caterer’s kitchen, walk-in refrigerator, and ice maker. Two large screens are available to project programs & film. Beer and/or wine may be served at the event after securing a Banquet Permit in advance with the City of Tacoma. If alcohol is served, one (1) security person would be expected to monitor the event. There are women’s, men’s, and a family restroom.
Rates are based on set-up, number of participants, hours of use, kitchen use, technology use, and custodial time.

Set-up/clean-up is the responsibility of the user.


If you are interested in renting Bischel Hall for funerals, weddings and other events:

Contact: Nancy Maggart, Bischel Hall Coordinator