Liturgical Ministries

For more information about how to serve on our Liturgical Ministries

Please Contact:

Contact: Eileen McCaffery-Lent

Liturgy Coordinator



Acolytes prepare the altar and sacred vessels for the liturgy and assist the presider during the liturgy. They are prepared and are sensitive to the way in which they can influence the atmosphere of prayer by their presence. They arrive early and stay late, making sure that everything and everyone needed for the celebration of liturgy is ready.

Contact: John Nourse


Liturgy and Spirituality Resources

The Art & Environment Team

The Art and Environment Team help fashion a place to pray together by creating an environment that is hospitable, welcoming, clean, human, honest, and beautiful.

Contact: Mary Ann Torrone


Eucharistic Ministers

Eucharistic ministers have the sacred task of ministering Christ’s body and blood to the Body of Christ, the Church. They are privileged to serve all who approach the table with reverence as they would their closest friend.

Contact: John Nourse



Lectors proclaim the readings from scripture and announce the intentions of the Prayer of the Faithful. This ministry is for those who take a special delight in the Word of God and for whom scripture is a regular part of their life. The ministry of lector is open to adults and youth who have been confirmed.

Contact: Sister Pat Michalek


Phone: 253-389-4049


Members of the team keep the various sacristies clean and organized, make sure needed supplies are available, and help prepare the church for the various liturgies including weekends, weekdays, and funerals.

Contact: : Eileen McCaffery-Lent, Liturgy Coordinator 



Ushers/ministers of hospitality greet and welcome members and visitors alike, they help seat the assembly, hand out orders of service and assist with any special needs before and during Mass.

Contact: Kevin Moore (Saturday 5:00 Pm Vigil)


Phone: 253-441-9292


Contact: Lunette Birrenkott ( Sunday 9:30 AM Mass)


Phone: 253-312-1163

Volunteers Needed

St. Leo operates on the generosity of our loving community.