Jesuit Identity

Jesuits in the United States are known more for their work in education than in parishes. However, worldwide 21% of active Jesuits labor for the Kingdom of God in the parish context. The parish is the first place where a person meets the believing Christian community. It is the place of baptism and confirmation into the Catholic faith. It is where a person hears the Word of God and celebrates the Eucharist. It is the place of reconciliation, worship, weddings, and funerals. The parish is the place where a person meets the Church and recognizes the whole Christian community. It is the place to receive all the sacraments, learn Christian service, and grow in prayer and spiritual maturity.

Throughout the United States, Jesuit priests and brothers work with deacons, religious women, and laity in more than seventy parishes. These churches are located in inner city neighborhoods, business districts, academic centers, suburbs, rural areas, and Native American reservations. Other Jesuits serve full-time in diocesan parishes or as chaplains in hospitals and the armed services.

In 2017 the former Oregon and California Provinces completed a merger and the new Jesuits West Province was born!

The mission and vision for this new province may be found here.
Jesuits West ordinations 2017